Welcome to the official DJ Russticals website. Check out over 6,000+ remastered and original tracks to bring out the best in your audio setup.

Unparalleled High-Quality Edits

No sine wave overlays here. By using the best software and products available for dynamic accuracy, DJ Russticals transforms new hits to old classics into the best street bangers while maintaining the highest playback quality.

Mastered Dynamics

Carefully using Virtual Analog Plugins like SSL EQs & Compressors, Tape Machines, Saturators, Sonic Enhancers, Re-Gain Staging, Advanced Algorithms in Mastering Processes, and Virtual Analog Console Control to impact and improve the imaging and depth making instruments sit better in there own frequency spectrum while giving more analog warmth. When these techniques are applied, large improvments can be made from the original track.

No Clipping

By using multiple post production mastering techniques, each track has the correct balance of output and headroom without losing any dynamics in the track. This provides a 100% clean signal across the entire bandwidth. With clean music, your equipment will sound better and is more likely to last longer.




Greater Bandwidth

Every remastered track has a wider bandwidth – pushing the lower end as far down as 10Hz and the top end to 20kHz without hitting the ceiling of the track. Keeping the correct balance in levels allows for a much wider bandwidth without causing distortion. This creates a more pleasurable listening experience overall.




High Quality

All tracks come in two different format types. The MP3 format is resampled to 48kHz @ 320kbps and has minimal data loss while maintaining a reasonable file size. The AIFF format is resampled at 48kHz @ 2304kbps and is a lossless high-fidelity file, but is generated at a much larger playback size.





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DJ Russticals is the man! He’s the only guy that puts out the cleanest sounding bangers every day.

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I’ve had super quick shipping on all my custom made DJ Russticals gear plus awesome music all the time.

Wyatt Semanek

New Mexico

By far my favorite rebasser. He’s been quick to respond to my questions and always ships very fast.

Trevor Pool


Say No To Sine Wave Rebasses

Don’t damage your system with sloppy edits of squared-off sine waves and poor dynamic output. Check out over 6,000+ songs that have been remastered correctly with the best software tools available to help protect your car audio investment.

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